We all love Chinese food but how do you make a nice Chinese dish at home as if it was cooked in your favourite Chinese restaurant?

It's All About the Sauce

If you are a fan of Chinese food, then you know how much you enjoy the likes of duck, soy and sweet and sour sauce. In order to make these sauces restaurant worthy, you must add in all of the correct ingredients as the sauce is basically the garnish to all vegetable dishes and meats like chicken, pork and fried beef. Not only is the sauce a perfect garnish, but has also become a popular dipping sauce as well.

Use Garlic, Chilli and Ginger as Much as Possible

Not only does garlic, chilli and ginger offer amazing health benefits, but they also add beautiful flavouring to Chinese food. The key behind these ingredients is knowing how much is to much. With garlic there is really no such thing as to much, but with ginger and chilli, to much will over power the food and the consumers taste buds; making for a not so wonderful dish.

Using Natural Flavour Enhancers

Using dry ingredients as a natural flavour enhancer is a great way to bring life to any dull meal and with Chinese food, it is a great way add finishing touches to a masterpiece. Some excellent dry ingredients to use are shrimp, mushrooms, clams and spices.

Keep it Natural

When you make your shopping list be sure to only add natural ingredients to your list, nothing pre-made. For example: Instead of using pre-made black bean sauce, you can create it yourself by using fermented black beans and for soy sauce use fermented soy beans and salt. Simple right? And much more healthier than the products that come in a can off the shelf.


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