Cooking a Full Course Chinese Meal

Chinese food is a whole different ball game when it comes to creating the perfect full course meal. There are so many sides, main dishes and appetizers to choose from that it is almost mind blowing. The key to creating the perfect meal is make multiple dishes for your guests to choose from. To cut the complications of cooking Chinese food in half, read the list below for tips to creating the perfect home cooked Chinese Dinner.

When it comes to portion sizes and how much food you should make, the answer is simple. Because of creating multiple dishes, it decreases the amount of food you need to make.
For example a group of four people will only need one vegetable dish, one poultry dish, a pot of soup and 2-3 various types of meat.

Instead of serving just one single main dish, serve multiple dishes for your guests to choose from to create a small platter of their own choice foods. Some great ideas for multiple 'main' dishes are fried pork, beef, chicken or even lo mein with the meat of your choice.

A Chinese meal should always start with a small bowl of soup such as egg drop soup or the famous wonton soup. The reasoning behind using soups as an appetizer is that it is light on the stomach and will not fill your guests stomach to the point of not having an appetite.