Cooking Chinese Food for a Date

Dating moves to a whole new level when invited over for dinner. Cooking for a person is an intimate act. Many people make the mistake of planning an elaborate meal. Rather than conversing with their date, they are constantly leaving the table to run to the kitchen. Chinese food can be prepared ahead and cooked at the table. Chinese food offers a unique way to lend showmanship to cooking skills. Cooking at the table will require an electric wok, but these are found in many home goods stores. Get one that is non-stick. It will be easy to use and clean later and does not require seasoning.

Preparation is the key to a great dining experience at home. Select an appetizer such as soup to serve from the kitchen. The main course should be prepped and ready to wok. This includes the meat, vegetables and rice. Rice must cool at least 2 hours before being fried. Meat and vegetables should be chopped into bite sized bits for quick cooking. Spices should be pre-measured. Sauces should be prepared ahead of time and placed in easy to serve small bowls. Place all the chopped items in the fridge on a tray.

Have the table set and ready for dinner ahead of time. Place a small table for the wok and food tray beside the dining table. Remember to have the food and spice tray already set up in cooking order to avoid mistakes. Soup is generally the first course, and this can be cooked in the kitchen. Have bowls ready to serve it quickly. Once the first course is done, turn on the wok, whisk the bowls into the kitchen and return with the main course.

Cooking in a wok does require attention, but light conversation is relatively easy to hold while stirring and adding ingredients. As the food is cooked, arrange it artfully on a large serving platter. Cooking rice, meat and then vegetables is a good cooking order and helps make the platter look delicious. Turn off the wok when done, and place the platter in the center of the table. After the meal, serve traditional almond cookies for desert. No date can fail to be impressed by this meal.