Perfect Egg Fried Rice

This particular fried rice recipe tastes almost identical to ordering takeout from your local Chinese food restaurant. The ingredients used gives it a natural tasting, full flavored taste that you can't help but enjoy. The trick to creating this delicious dish is to take your time and cook the rice and vegetables slowly to savor the natural flavorings.


3/4 C (Finely Chopped Onion)
2 1/2 tbls of oil
1 Egg (Beaten Very Lightly)
4 drops of soy sauce
3 drops of sesame oil
8 oz of boneless pork or chicken
1/2 C of carrots (Chop up Small)
1/2 C of frozen peas
4 cups of already cooked rice
3 green onions (Chop up small)
2 C of bean sprouts
2 tbls of soy sauce

Watch a video of Pauline from Michael Wan's Mandarin Restaurant make egg friend rice: